Lakeview Financial and Bestow

Here When You Need Us

Term life insurance is about the future — offering some financial protection for your
loved ones. Should anything happen to you, a life insurance policy may provide them
some financial resilience.

Convenient. Our application process is completely online. You won’t have to undergo
medical exams or file endless paperwork. You won’t even have to leave the house.

Fast. With no medical exams or waiting around, you could get coverage
in as little as 9 minutes if approved. It really is that quick and easy.

Affordable. Plans start from as little as $16/mo, and we offer coverage
options from $50,000 and $1,500,000

How it Works

  • Apply online. Just answer a few questions. No medical exams. No paperwork
  • Get your rate. If you qualify, you’ll see your rate in minutes.
  • Get coverage. Like what you see? Lock it in and get covered.