Lakeview Financial Services, LLC is a Brokerage General Agency founded in 2006, in Boise, Idaho.  Our mission is to ensure our producers success.  To be successful you need a team of experts who know the industry, access to the most competitive carriers, efficient processing systems and an experienced case management team dedicated to your success.

We have over 100 years of combined experience in the BGA marketplace.  That experience ensures you get top tier service.  We are licensed to conduct business at the Corporate and Individual level in all 50 states and are part of the largest marketing organization in the country.  We represent over 100 statutory companies, and combined we are the largest distributors of Life Insurance, Disability Income, Long Term Care Insurance and Fixed Annuities in America.

When it comes to innovation, we lead the industry.  We are dedicated to finding new and better ways of doing business.  The carriers we represent know this and have partnered with us when they have ideas about new concepts and pilot programs.  We offer the most advanced technology in the industry, which streamlines processing and builds efficiency.  The benefits we provide give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.


Follow us.  You`ll lead.