Federal law requires insurance agents and brokers to complete Anti-Money Laundering Training. AML training is intended to familiarize agents with the process of money laundering and the laws that make it a crime.
To view where to take the training and carrier specific requirements CLICK HERE.

Prior to the solicitation of an annuity application, you must be in compliance with all training requirements which include:

          • NAIC Suitability
          • Carrier Product Specific Training
          • Anti-Money Laundering Training

CLICK HERE for requirements and where to take the training.

Long Term Care training is required for both regular long term care products and for products that have a long term care rider.
For state training requirements and carrier information, CLICK HERE.

IUL Training

Carrier Specific:

North American IUL Training Information

United of Omaha IUL Training

State Specific:

Iowa Index Product Training:

ECU Educational Concepts


RegEd (Course Name  Iowa Indexed Product Training (156_IA)

Suitability and Best Interest Regulation / Specific State Product Training

State Specific:

New York Regulation 187

New York: Nationwide Guaranteed Level Term product training can be done through Reg-Ed. Product code is 19Nationwide_02 GLTerm GL Term