Anti-Money Laundering training must be completed once every 2 years on or before the expiration date. Some carriers require annual training. Please see carrier specific requirements below.

AML Training Websites:

You will need a user name and password to complete the LIMRA training.

Effective October 1, 2016, your Username has been updated to your National Producer Number (NPN). To access the LIMRA Training site, enter your NPN in the Username field. Your password will still be your last name.

If you do not know your NPN and would like to look it up, please visit the National Insurance Producer Registry’s website.

If you do not have an NPN, click here and select your carrier from the dropdown for further assistance with your new Username.

If you are a returning user to the LIMRA site, you were asked to change your password when you initially accessed the site.

If you have questions regarding your password, or the LIMRA training site, please call (866) 364-2380  or email [email protected] for assistance.

American General requires AML training to be taken annually (AML training expires on the anniversary of the previous year’s training. For example,
if an agent completes AML training on June 1 of a given year, the training will be valid through June 1 of the following year.). They will only accept AML Certifications from the following vendors.

LIMRA, (Must also complete the carrier specific page)






Anti-Money Laundering Training

Producers must complete Anti-Money Laundering prior to submitting annuity or cash value life business. Only contracted producers may complete the courses.
As an insurance producer your skills and services help our clients achieve financial success and security. Since you are on the front lines of a multi-billion dollar industry, you are in a unique position not only to serve our clients, but also to serve this country by helping prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.
Two forms of training are required by American National for AML Training.
Company Specific AML Training
This course is only required to be taken one time. You can satisfy this training by completing Form 4475(ANY-4475 for New York) or Complete our internal course located in your learning plan.

Go to My Learning Plan

Industry Required AML Training
In addition to the Company Specific AML Training, the insurance producer must complete the industry AML Training. This can be completed on the LIMRA website.
This training is require to update every three years.

View Alternative Approved Courses Here

Assurity only accepts LIMRA. Click here to view their Anti-Money Laundering – Producer Responsibilities.

Banner prefers LIMRA but they will accept other vendors, however the certificate of completion is needed in order for the compliance department to determine acceptability.

They  accept LIMRA and SuranceBay  (if the agent has a current Annuity appointment through their Broker Dealer the AML requirements are waived).

EquiTrust Annuity Product Training
  • Product Training must be completed before soliciting EquiTrust annuity business.
  • Annuity applications received without completed Product Training will not be accepted.
  • If applying for agent contract for annuity products, you must complete Product Training before appointment is final.
  •  You may view your training history upon full login to the website (agent number and password required).
  •  EquiTrust Annuity Product Training is supported by RegED.
  • To view the RegED “User Guide – Annuity Training Platform”, Click Here
  • For RegED Technical Support, call 1-800-334-8322, Option 2.
  • Upon RegED login, if you do not see “EquiTrust Annuity Product Training,” use access code: EquiTrust.

List of approved providers:

  • LIMRA – Current approved course: Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Review – AML and the Remote Work Environment (2021)
  • AD Banker
  • National Underwriter
  • Bank/BD Proprietary
  • Quest CE
  • Bankers Edge
  • RegEd/StoneRiver
  • Smart Pro
  • CONV
  • SureLC/SuranceBay
  • ExamFX
  • State Training2 FINRA
  • STC Interactive
  • Fire Solutions
  • SuccessCE/Cleintele
  • Insurance Co/Carrier1
  • Kaplan
  • WebCE

The carrier will accept most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion if done through a vendor other than LIMRA.

The carrier will accept most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion if done through a vendor other than LIMRA.

Completing the AML Training Requirement

There are two ways for you to satisfy the AML training requirement:

1. Use John Hancock’s Services

For your convenience, John Hancock provides, at no cost to you, online AML training through LIMRA. Courses are available that will satisfy AML training for John Hancock and many other insurance companies that subscribe to the LIMRA service. When you’ve been enrolled by John Hancock, LIMRA will send us a record of completion and we will update our records automatically. See this flyer for instructions on how to access the LIMRA course.


2. Use an Outside Training Provider

Complete an acceptable AML course offered by another training provider. Upon completion, submit a letter or certification from the other AML training vendor that contains the date the AML training was completed and your name. Note: We do not accept self-certification. Send the certification via email: [email protected] or via fax: 416-963-7323.

Renewal Training Requirements

Effective Date of Most Recent Training Date Renewal Training Required
Prior to December 31, 2019 May 2, 2021
January 1, 2020 or later May 2, 2023

Mass Mutual accepts AML from:

  • LIMRA (must also view the Mass Mutual specific company page)
  • RegEd (Completed within the last year)
  • Kaplan (Completed within the last year)
  • Quest (Completed within the last year)
  • A compliant broker dealer with A FINRA relationship and a selling agreement with Mass Mutual

Once the agent’s appointment is approved, the carrier will send the information on how to complete their AML training in the Welcome Email sent directly to the agent.

If you are not affiliated with a broker-dealer or a financial institution, you may satisfy the training requirement by taking the AML training course offered through LIMRA.

Lincoln Financial AML training Guidelines

Lincoln Financial Approved AML Courses

Surancebay AML Course is also acceptable

The carrier will only accept AML from CalSurance.

Training can be accessed at:

1. Enter your name and NPN number
2. Click on Anti‐Money Laundering Training and then the NEXT button
3. Click on the HERE button to review the training
4. Close the page once you have read the material
5. Complete the certification box with a Yes or No answer and enter your email address
6. Click the NEXT button to complete the training

  • Independent financial professionals not affiliated with a Broker/DealerYou are required to complete Nationwide’s Anti-Money Laundering training. To complete the training, you can access the RegEd website at RegEd – Nationwide Insurance Anti-Money Laundering Training. AML training is also accepted from Kaplan, LIMRA, RegEd, Success CE, Web CE, Affordable CE, First Choice CE, ClienTell CE, Surance Bay and Quest for the following special courses only: Quest – Anti-Money Laundering for Agents and Representatives: Overview, Detection and Prevention (TC) and/or Anti-Money Laundering: Customer Identification Programs, Red Flags, Everyday Scenarios and Enforcement Cases (TC).

    Please note, you will need to enter or create a username and password to login to RegEd.

  • Independent financial professionals affiliated with a Broker/DealerYou are already receiving AML training through your Broker Dealer firm, so no additional training is required.

The carrier will accept most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion if done through a vendor other than LIMRA.

The carrier will accept most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion if done through a vendor other than LIMRA.

For AML training, the carrier accepts training from:



NW Mutual

Need a copy of certificate of completion if done through a vendor other than LIMRA.

The carrier will accept most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion if done through a vendor other than LIMRA.

They only accept LIMRA. However, if the producer can provide a certificate from a regulated entity where they completed the training, Prudential will review the information to determine whether it meets their needs.  The certificate must contain the name of the course, date completed and the name of the regulated entity.

Prudential requires their specific page to be viewed on LIMRA in addition to the AML course.

Prudential is only accepting the following LIMRA courses at this time:

Base Course: Anti-Money Laundering For Insurance Producers

Refresher Course: Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Review – Recognizing and Stopping Scams (2023)

Sagicor Life Insurance Company requires that you complete an approved anti-money laundering (AML) training course every two years in order to solicit our products. To meet this requirement you must have completed, within 24 months of the date of your last course completion, AML training from one of the following sources:

    • LIMRA  – For those who have completed a LIMRA AML refresher course through another Carrier.
          • “Refresher Training Course” – If you have previously taken the “Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Producers’ base course, we require you to take one of LIMRA’s available “refresher” courses. Please note that you cannot take the same course twice.
    • An AML training course required by a broker-dealer (for FINRA Registered Representatives).
    • A reputable third party such as:

      Upon completion, please provide Sagicor with the following information:

        • Course title
        • Vendor
        • Completion Date

      Sagicor may accept additional third party vendor training for AML credit. If you have completed AML training through a vendor not listed above, please provide your training certificate to the Producer Appointment Department for review approval.

The carrier will accept most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion if done through a vendor other than LIMRA.

View SBLI Producer’s Guide to Anti-Money Laundering.

The carrier will accept most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion. They will not pull the information from LIMRA, so a screen print is needed.

The carrier has their own AML training, Transamerica AML Training Material, once the agent reviews they can complete the Transamerica Anti-Money Laundering Training Acknowledgement form. The carrier also accepts most vendors, but need a copy of the certificate of completion.

The carrier accepts AML from:

  • RegEd
  • Sandi Kruise
  • WebCE
  • Kaplan
  • SuranceBay
  • Securities Training Corporations (STC)
  • STC has other AML-related courses available, but we will only accept the certificate for the course “AML for Insurance Professionals”.  Any certificates for other courses, or that appear to be altered in any way, will not be accepted.

Once you have completed the course, LIMRA will automatically send Mutual of Omaha a notification of completion. You will not receive a certificate.

Initial Base course: “Anti-Money Laundering for Financial Professionals”

Renewal course: “Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Review – AML and Cryptocurrency”

The Company requires that all producers selling or servicing specified products complete AML training and certify with Voya at the time of contracting.

The carrier accepts AML from:


An AML training certificate of completion sponsored by an ACLI or FINRA recognized organization. (list of approved AML vendors for Voya)

An AML training certificate of completion sponsored by an Voya approved training organization

Completing the Voya AML Training Certificate of Completion .