Carriers and Products:

• American General (Select-a-Term)

• Banner (OptTerm)

• John Hancock (Protection Term and Vitality Term)

• Pacific Life – (PL Promise and GUL)

• Protective (Term Products, Indexed Choice UL, Advantage Choice UL)

• SBLI (Centrian) (Term Products, Whole Life-Flex)

• United of Omaha (Term Life Answers)

Products and Process
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Carriers and Products:

American General (Select A Term, Secure Lifetime GUL III)

American National (Term Products, Signature GUL, IUL, Signature Plus IUL)

Assurity (Term Products, LifeScape UL, Single Premium WL, LifeScape WL)

AXA (Brighthouse Term Series 157 Products)

Banner (Term Products-AppAssist/Drop Ticket)

Brighthouse (Term Products)

John Hancock (Term Products w/ Vitality, Accumulation IUL, Premier Life UL, Protection UL , IUL and SUL, UL-G)

Lincoln Financial (Life Elements Term, TermAccel, Life Current UL, Life Reserve UL, Life Guarantee UL and SUL)

Nationwide (Term, YourLife IUL, YourLife IUL Accumulator, YourLife IUL Protector, YourLife No-Lapse GUL, YourLife Current Assumption UL, WL 100)

North American (Advantage Term, Classic Term, Builder Plus IUL 2, Protection Builder IUL, Smart Builder IUL, Custom Guarantee)

Pacific Life Promise (PL Promise Term, PL Promise GUL)

Principal (Term and UL Products)

Protective (Advantage Choice UL)

Prudential (Term Products, PruLife Index Advantage UL, PruLife UL Plus, PruLife UL Protector)

Sagicor (Term Life E-app Products)

Securian/Minnesota Life (Term, Secure Accumulator WL, Secure Protector WL)

Symetra (Term, Accumulator IUL, Protector IUL)

SBLI (Term Products)

Transamerica (Term Products)

United of Omaha (term Life Express, Living Promise WL, Children’s WL)

Products and Process

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Carriers and Products:

American General (Term Products, Secure Lifetime GUL III)

Banner (Term Products, Life Step UL- AppAssist)

John Hancock (Term Products, UL-G 13)

Lincoln Financial (Life Elements Term (TermAccel not included), Life Guarantee UL)

Protective (Term Products, Advantage Choice UL)

Symetra (Term Products, UL-G)

Transamerica (Trendsetter Super Term)

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