Business Insurance Made Simple

This term business insurance covers a lot of ground.  We often find that agents that do not specialize in this market, view it as overwhelming. This leads to the over complication of the sale.  All businesses need protection in various forms, that is the simple fact of doing business. Weather it’s health, disability, or liability insurance, the need is always there.   Life insurance is just one more component of that needed protection.  From Key Person, Buy Sell coverage to supplemental retirement income, life insurance can provide unique benefits to business owners.  After all, it is our job as insurance agents to provide the best advice and protection we can to ensure the success of our clientele.

Lakeview is here to help make selling in the business market simple. Our sales support team has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the business insurance marketplace, and help you deliver real value to your clients.  Our goal is to uncomplicate the seemingly complicated.

Ask your Sales Manager about the various questionnaires and case studies they have that help to break down business insurance opportunities for you. These simple overviews will allow you to better understand how to position business insurance for your clients.

Written by: Matt Gallegos

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