Run the quote. Select the product. Enter the client’s contact information. That’s it. It’s free. It’s mobile. There is nothing quicker.

SwiftApp is the quickest and easiest way for an agent to get a life insurance application taken on their client. It takes less than 1 minute for the agent. All that they need from the client is their basic contact information (name, phone number, address, and email). Submit that, and we will take it from there.

Lakeview Financial helped to develop the SwiftApp platform, as we saw a need for agents to be able to submit a ticket very quickly and know that everything will be handled for them in a professional and efficient manner.

This platform is available on all Android, Apple, and Windows devices. There is also an online desktop version, so agents have the ability to generate quotes and submit applications anytime, anywhere.

We recently improved our SwiftApp program and are now processing everything in-house. We have a team in our office dedicated to contacting your clients for the interview and submitting the application to the carrier. This has cut the processing time by 30%!

Many of the top life insurance companies are available on the platform.

SwiftApp eliminates the need for the agents to inquire about personal information or determine what is and is not needed on an application. The system is streamlined to provide a smooth experience for the client, all while allowing the agent to get back to generating more business.

Download SwiftApp in the App Store or on Google Play, today!

*Contact your rep for a free demo

Written by: Ben Burns

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