Long-Term Care Information

Long-Term Care Training Resources:

To view the Long-Term Care training requirements for each state, please visit LTC Connection.

Some Long-Term Care Training Websites (not limited to just these two vendors):

Make sure to check the Department of Insurance state websites to verify requirements.

Long-Term Care Carriers:

Mutual Of Omaha:

LTCi Training

If you have already completed the state training through another vendor, you do not need to re-do.

Carriers with LTC Riders:

John Hancock Long-Term Care Training and Resource Guide

Through John Hancock you now have two great ways to save on all your training needs. LTC Connection is the author of and continuing education provider for all of John Hancock’s LTC Certification courses.

Option 1: Purchase a la carte with all training reduced to just $20 per course.

Click HERE to get started.

Option 2: Purchase a one or two year unlimited training membership starting at $40.


View Nationwide Licensing and Training requirements.

Training can be completed through RegEd.

Linked Benefit Products:

Lincoln Financial – Money Guard:

State Training and Licensing

Make sure you are familiar with the state licensing and training requirements to sell Lincoln MoneyGuard® II. These requirements are different than other life insurance products, due to the long-term care aspects of the product.

Secure Care:

In order to sell products that include the Long Term Care Agreement(s), you must first complete the state-required training. Long Term Care training varies by state, so make sure you satisfy the specific requirements in each state in which you sell the product.

The company has contracted with ClearCert to provide a one-stop location for long-term care training information.

Note: They cannot accept a completion certificate from any course that is not on ClearCert’s accepted list