TOADS. Treatment, Onset, Age, Diagnosis, Severity

Greetings from the Admin Team at Lakeview Financial. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This same ideology applies to underwriting your client. Preparation is crucial to ensuring your client is presented in the best light from both a medical and financial perspective. Collecting data about your client […]

Why We Need Annual Policy Reviews

The book of business you have been entrusted to take care of is your best chance for success.  Taking the time annually to review your cases and meet with your clients enables you to better serve your customer. In the life insurance arena, it is imperative that the agent completes annual reviews because the financial […]

Business Insurance Made Simple

This term business insurance covers a lot of ground.  We often find that agents that do not specialize in this market, view it as overwhelming. This leads to the over complication of the sale.  All businesses need protection in various forms, that is the simple fact of doing business. Weather it’s health, disability, or liability […]

Accelerated Underwriting: The New Life Insurance

  Accelerated Underwriting: The New Life Insurance   Most of you have probably heard about Accelerated Underwriting. It has a new, shiny seat at the table within the life insurance realm. In short form, Accelerated Underwriting is a potentially lab free underwriting process. Your clients can be approved in quick fashion based on their answers […]


Run the quote. Select the product. Enter the client’s contact information. That’s it. It’s free. It’s mobile. There is nothing quicker. SwiftApp is the quickest and easiest way for an agent to get a life insurance application taken on their client. It takes less than 1 minute for the agent. All that they need from […]


I think agents would agree that taking care of their clients’ needs is the most important aspect of selling insurance.  Of course, the next is being compensated for that service.  To make the connection between procuring clients, and at the end of the process being compensated for the work performed, there are many activities that need […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Every September Life Happens coordinates this industry-wide campaign to educate on the importance of having life insurance. According to new research done by LIMRA, about 35% of all households would feel an adverse financial impact within one month if a primary wage earner died. The study also found that the […]